Europe at Work: Concrete activities for all of us


#Europe at Work: Do you know that the huge European project GALILEO is almost ready. It is a European satellite navigation system, which is ten times more precise that the American GPS and has a number of new, very important functions. 22 satellites of 30 are in place, and it will be fully operational in 2020. Free for all to use. Its headquarters is in Prague. The Americans can stop the use of GPS at any moment, if they want to. With Trump as president we should be extra happy to have our own GALILEO. See more on Google.



EUROPE-AT-WORK:  As of today, January 15, 2018, you no longer have to pay an extra fee, if you use your credit card. This is so in your own country as well as when you pay with it in another EU country.  This important step for European consumers has been decided by a joint EU decision.




EUROPE-AT-WORK:   The ERASMUS programmes have now for more than 30 years given students and other young people the possibility to study in other EU countries than their own. The exams they pass while being abroad count fully at their home university or school. And they get EU financial support for they studies abroad.  More than 9 million young people from all EU countries have taken part until now.   France and others have suggested that the ERASMUS programmes must have a much larger budget in the future.





The European Arrest Warrant (EAW) is an arrest warrant valid throughout all member states of the European Union (EU). Once issued, it requires another member state to arrest and transfer a criminal suspect or sentenced person to the issuing state so that the person can be put on trial or complete a detention period.


It started in 2004. It is used 10-15.000 times a year. At it shortens considerably the time it takes to get a suspect or a sentenced person back to the country demanding his or her arrest.


This is part of joint concrete steps of making Europe safer.











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Sky Rigdom lån Firma, vi giver ud lån til en rente 0f 3%.

Goddag sir / ma er.

Vi er et privat selskab, og vi tilbyder lån til lave renter ved at bestemme låne

01.05 | 01:20

Hej mennesker. Mit navn er Helena Karas fra Prag 8. Jeg modtog et lån på 15.000.000 CZK fra Peter Krajcovic til en fast ejendom i Prag 2. Mr Krajcovics korrekte

25.04 | 04:08

Hej, jeg hedder "Warren Chandler" Jeg er fra Tyskland. Mit liv er blevet fyldt med smerter og bitterhed, da intet ser ud til at fungere for mig, og hver gang noget godt er ved at komme min vej, er der altid en eller to forhindringer, og alle, jeg havde be

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Matematikeren: En god trekant, er bedre end en ond cirkel!

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