ICE - skriv det i din mobiltelefon + telefonnummer på dine nærmeste

ICE - IN CASE OF EMERGENCY.  If you get involved in a traffic accident or you are found unconscious in the street or you are seriously hurt because of a crime or other life threatening things happen you will be picked up by an ambulance.  But the people in the ambulance will not know whom to call.  As most people nowadays carry a mobile phone we should all write into that phone whom to call in that situation.  An international service exists called ICE - In Case of Emergency.  Write into the contact list: ICE - and then the number of your relative or another person to call.  The ambulance people all know this service. They will look for ICE in your phone - and call.     

So do it NOW:  Write ICE and then the number.

It was invented by a British ambulance driver in 2004.