Mine børnebørns oldemor JENNY


Your Danish great grand mother

1913 – 1993

Today your great grand mother JENNY would be 106 years old 😊    She died when she was almost 80, so it is 26 years ago.

Jenny was the second child of Emma and Søren.  She had a big sister called Thea. They were both born on December 25, Christmas day.  Thea in 1912 and Jenny in 1913.  So Thea was exactly 1 year older than Jenny.  A year later they got a brother, Harald.  He was almost born also on December 25. 

The three of them had a lot of fun together.  They lived with their parents on a small farm way out in quite wet meadows.  Near their farm a small “river” ( stream ) passed by.  It was a dangerous stream. Two of their dad’s brothers had drowned in that stream, when they were kids   So Thea and Jenny were both very afraid, that their small brother Harald (who was quite a wild kid ) would also drown in the stream. So, you know what they said to him?  If you drown in the stream, we will kill you!!  

They also had sheep on their small farm.  The two girls liked them a lot. And they were very excited, when once a year the sheep had to have their wool cut. They saw how it was done by their dad.  One day when the parents came back to the farm from work in the fields Thea and Jenny were very proud of themselves.  Look, how nice we are. We are now like the sheep!  They had made a haircut of each other – just like if they were sheet.  None of them hardly had any hair left.   Their mum got quite angry.  But when the girls did not see it, she had a good laugh 😊

One story more about Jenny from when she was a grown-up – about 65.  We were all in a big shopping centre in Denmark. Your mum Cecilie was 4 years old. All of a sudden she got very angry, was screaming and shouting – and at the end she run away in the centre.  There were thousands of people there, and we could not find her anywhere, so we asked the centre’s loudspeakers to call for her.  Soon she came back sitting on the arm of a nice guard.  I was about to get angry with her. But Jenny, her farmor, took her by the hand and went straight to the booth selling icecream. There was a long line of people waiting to buy an ice cream. But Jenny went immediately to the front of the line. When a woman standing as no. one to buy protested, Jenny said with a loud voice:  Can’t you see that my girl nedds an ice cream NOW.  So you just better wait!   It worked. I was stunned – and happy.





Morfar – December 25, 2019  -   on Jenny’s 106 years birthday 😊